Visual Modal analysis (VMA)

Motion Scope Tracker VMA (software)

Welcome to the 21st century of modal analysis!

VMA (visual modal analysis) is a module for the Motion Scope tracker which enables frequency domain analysis,  real live tracking and visualization of  modal and operational deflection shapes.
The specifics of the VMA analysis allow for increased displacement resolutions beyond mere hundreds of a pixel. Typical displacement amplitude resolution is in the range of a 1/10000 of a pixel and is as such state-of-the-art! Ten-thousands of a pixel translate to less than 100 nm resolution for a 1 m field of view, allowing for high 1000x - 10000x motion magnifications. The high (sub-micron) resolution is critical for observations of higher frequency mode shapes (1000+ Hz), due to a trend of decreasing displacement amplitudes with frequency.

Different! - How does VMA compare to existing modal analysis approaches?


  • Since tracking is done non-contact, there is no mass loading of the measured structure!

  • Thousands of spatial points (full field) are measured synchronously in one go.

  • The measurement set-up is fast and simple with minimal to none structure preparation - no need to place sensors and sort out wiring, no programming of scanning patterns...

  • Tracking produces easy to visualize 2D results.

Smart aliasing - high frequencies with low frame-rates!

Smart aliasing is a technique developed by Motion Scope for high frequency measurements above the camera's Nyquist limit. It relies on using a shaker with a controlled excitation set by the Motion Scope tracker VMA software.

Check out why, what and how - smart aliasing

Real-time tracking at 1000 fps!

When using our high-speed systems, point tracking can be performed in real-time. Certain cameras allow for tracking at 1000 Hz. Simply click a point on the live image and see the displacements and the spectrum.


Impact response of a cutting blade:


Full analysis overview (playback, tracking, plots, temporal motion magnification, filtering, frequency domain motion magnification):

Electronic circuit excited with a shaker, frequency domain, resonant frequencies of various components:

Simple shaker

The simple shaker is meant to aid in measuring structural responses in a controlled manner e.g. smart aliasing.

The shaker has a small form factor, an adjustable base and a through hole for easy stinger attachment.

Power: 25 W

Frequency range: 70 - 15000 Hz

small modal analysis shaker
high contrast spackle pattern stickers
spackle dots paint roller
modal analysis shaker
Full system

Looking for a turnkey solution? For ease of use and optimal price vs performance, consider: USB 3.1 high-speed camera system capable of 220 fps or up to 1000 fps at a reduced resolution, simple shaker and HF-LED 80 / D-LED 120 lights.