High-speed imaging

USB 3.1 camera system

Simple to use integrated high-speed imaging solutions typically based on industrial USB 3.1 cameras.

An intuitive live user interface.

Customizable design allowing for different optics and sensors (high speed, high resolution, color / monochrome).

Recommend full bandwidth sensors:

  • 1440x1080 @ 226 fps, up to 1440x208 @ 998 fps

  • 1920x1200 @ 163 fps, up to @ 777 fps at a reduced resolution

Motion Scope viewer (software)

An intuitive user interface for recording and playing back videos. Less buttons, more interactivity!

Playback support for: various video formats (.mp4, .mpeg, .avi, .mov,...), various image formats (.bmp, .png, .tif, .jpg, .gif,...), selected professional formats (photron, dicom,...), MS files and others continually added!

High intensity flickerless lights

After trying to source truly flicker-free high-intensity lights for 6 years, we gave up and made our own!

Many LED studio lights will claim to be flicker free, however we find that they often flicker as much as 10%. This is about 100x more than our FH-LED-80.


The lights are mains powered. Variable color temperature options available.

FH-LED80 - truly flicker free for metrology:

- Uses a hybrid Switching + linear power regulation to achieve truly flicker free illumination (<0.1%).

- 10000 lumen
- 80 W

- knob adjustable intensity

D-LED100 - high-intensity for general high-speed photography:

- high efficiency switching supply. Flicker <5% caused by mains harmonic.

- 13000 lumen

- 120 W

- intensity can be trimmed.