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Motion tracking

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Motion Scope tracker (software)

Extract every last bit of information and push the theoretical limits for displacement resolution with our software!

The software performs state-of-the-art point tracking, enabling you to visualize otherwise invisible motion. Data can be obtained for minute motion often below a single micrometer.


Optical tracking, often referred to as digital image correlation (DIC), template matching and similar is a measurement technique for determining displacements in image sequences.

Visual motion tracking is unique in providing full-field measurements of thousands of points simultaneously and it does so non-contact!


Excellent at:

Motion Scope tracker uses algorithms that operate at the theoretical limit of what the image data entails, thus producing industry-leading results. A practical tracking resolution for most cases is at about 0.01 pixel. The resolution can be further improved (e.g. 0.001 or 0.0001 pixel) in case of filtering or specific approaches in analysis (such as visual modal analysis)

The software is highly optimized and designed to handle large (hundreds of GB) files, analyzing them in minutes on laptop PCs.

Results are available as graphs, values and full-field displays of: displacements, strain, shear and motion magnification.

Tracking does not require a high contrast pattern to be applied to the structure, however, note that high-contrast speckle patterns do improve tracking.

The following video demonstrates motion magnification of a non-speckled engine at poor light conditions.

The provided support for multiple video and image data formats, enables the use of this software on a variety of camera measurements, particularly, dedicated high-speed cameras capable of tens of thousands frames per second.

Supported file types: raw videos (MSims, Photron .mraw, iSpeed .hsv, iX .ixv,...), images (tiff, png, bmp, jpeg,...), videos (mp4, mov, avi,...), select medical - dicom files (ultrasound,...) and others are continually being added.

The following animation shows color coded strain in a raw ultrasound video.

Tailored high contrast speckle patterns

High contrast patterns improve tracking. We offer various application options:​

  • assortment of removable stickers with optimized patterns (for small centimetre scales up to large scales in metres)

  • temporary spray paints that can be wiped off surfaces with a cloth or removed by washing (for micro to small - centimetre scales and high resolutions)

  • custom patterned rollers for temporary paints (various scales)

spackle pattern stickers for digital image correlation
Spackle pattern roller application for digital image correlation
flickerless high intensity LED for digital image correltion
high-speed affordable camera digital image correlation and motion magnification systems
spackle dots roller_alpha.png

Looking for a turnkey solution? For ease of use and optimal cost / performance, consider: USB 3.1 high-speed camera system capable of 226 fps or up to 1000 fps at a reduced resolution, various lens and mounting options, pattern application set and HF-LED 80 / D-LED 120 lights.

Full system
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