Schlieren photography is an optical set-up that allows for the visualization of variations in the refractive index of air and other liquids. These variations are normally caused by density changes due to heat, compression or change in medium.

Schlieren photography is normally used to capture:

  • pressure waves (Mach cones) in air

  • shimmers caused by varying temperatures of air

  • gas leaks or mixing of different fluids


Normal Schlieren set-up consists of a point light source (often a laser), a parabolic mirror, razor edge and a camera. Such a set-up is limited in size by the span of the parabolic mirror. If one wanted to capture a person with such a set-up, he would require a large and absurdly expansive parabolic mirror, let alone capturing an airplane!

BOSchlieren doesn't use a parabolic mirror and has no such limitations!


Our system uses a method called "Background Oriented Schlieren", which uses a contrasting pattern as a background and advanced software for measurements of minute shimmers. This way there is no need for a parabolic mirror, point light source and a razor edge. One simply needs to position the subject between a speckled pattern and a camera, capture the video and analyze is using our "tracker" software (DISPLACEMENTS / Tracker (software)).

Both small and very large objects (such as planes) can be studied this way!

Background oriented Schlieren hand s.jpg

A color coded visualization is used to show the effect. The visualization is superimposed to the video, therefore the magnitude can be altered to show a large dynamic range of the effect.

Check GALLERY / BOSchlieren examples for example videos captured with our systems.

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