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Research & Education

Research and education (R&E) License

The "R&E License" is available to research and education institutions.

  • full functionality, with added watermark

  • for non-commercial use

academic research and education
Full R&E system

The "Full R&E set" fits in a portable bag. It includes full hardware (except a laptop PC) and can perform smart aliasing. The contents of the set are:

  • USB high-speed camera,

  • zoom lens,

  • tripod,

  • high intensity studio light,

  • shaker,

  • amplifier,

  • carry bag,

  • and optional demo structures (some may not fit the bag).


The set can be used:

  • to demonstrate practical experiments in a lecture environment (mechanics, dynamics, BOSchlieren),

  • perform measurements on real-world structures in research work.

digital image correlation kit set

It takes less than 1 minute from recording to seeing the results!

Demo structures

Here are some structures we can bundle with your set for practical demonstrations of structural dynamics and resonant frequencies:

- propellers

- plates

- demo circuit boards

Want to know more about the R&E license deal? You don't want to miss out! Contact us at!

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