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Modal shaker

Simple shaker

The simple shaker is a small shaker meant to aid in measuring structural responses in a controlled manner e.g. smart aliasing. It is used to excite vibrations of structures when performing Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA).

The shaker has a small form factor, an adjustable base and a through hole for easy stinger attachment.

Power: 20 W

Frequency range: 70 - 15000 Hz

(15-10000 Hz amplifier  band-pass range)

A full shaker set is available as well. It includes:

  • Simple shaker

  • Amplifier (D-class)

  • Wall mount power supply

  • Stingers for mounting

small modal analysis shaker

If you are looking to buy a shaker or a set, or if you have questions about the product, don't hesitate to contact us at!

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