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Full systems (software + hardware)

Looking for a turnkey solution?

Are you looking for a full system with our DIC, motion magnification software or are you looking for simple high-speed camera systems?

Get a full system with everything you may need;

  • camera,

  • lenses,

  • tripods,

  • lights,

  • speckle equipment,

  • shaker and amplifier,

  • software to tie it all together

  • and a case to store it in.

Camera based displacement measurements have a large range of use, from industrial plant measurements on the field, to lab work, product testing, research and development. Objects ranging from small electronics to large scale wind turbine blades and buildings can be measured.

There are a couple of typical sets we offer (see table of Full system options). These sets are then somewhat tailor based on intended use, mainly when it comes to lens, lighting and speckle choices. There are options for software-only, USB3.1 imaging sensors as well as dedicated or pre-existing cameras.

We normally don't include a PC (laptop), as you are free to use our system with your own laptop. You can, however, ask us to help with that as well.

Motion amplification (magnification) kit

A full hardware set for research and education institutions is available as well. See DISPLACEMENTS / Research & Education for more on that.

You can learn more about the software and the software modules in DISPLACEMENTS / Tracker (software).

For more about the technology behind these systems see the tab TECHNOLOGY in the main menu of the webpage.

Want to discuss what would fit you best, need a quote or have any other questions? Fell free to ask us at

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