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Mission statement:

Recent times have seen major advances in digital cameras, imaging techniques and visual analysis. Gone are the days of VGA resolution! Cameras now record HD and even 4k. Frame rates above 100 fps are not uncommon in modern consumer devices.

Motion Scope is a modern venture set at developing and implementing new, industry-leading and innovative technologies in the field of computer vision and imaging into easy to understand and intuitive products.


The company evolved from doctoral research on measuring structural vibrations with high-speed cameras. Structures ranging meters in size will exhibit vibrations ranging in microns, but can still be measured with cameras. The technology has proven to be more than prospective and warrant real-world use. This, coupled with mechanical and electrical engineering skill-set and years of high-speed imaging experiences brings us to Motion Scope.

What is novel:

We push the boundaries of what can be visually observed, by: peering into microscopic scales, warping time with high-speed imaging and measuring or visualizing minute motion far bellow the pixel scale with our tracking and motion magnification software.

Location and reach:

The company is based in Slovenia (EU) and does business internationally.

Our customers are predominately businesses and research institutions.

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