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Tracker software

Software options and modules

Are you looking for software to use with a preexisting high-speed camera? Perhaps looking to use it with our systems? Are you looking for motion magnification, strain measurements, BOSchlieren, etc? Maybe looking to do modal analysis? Our software is broken up into modules to best fit your specific needs!

See the table below to see the features of various software and modules:

DIgital image correlation (DIC) software options
Viewer (base software)

The base "Motion Scope viewer" software enable high-speed video acquisition and interface with the USB3.1 machine vision cameras as well as advanced playback for various input file types. It is mostly used by our microscopes (MICROSCOPY / viewer (software) and cameras)​, but can also be used for high-speed or general-use technical video acquisition.

Tracker (base software)

"Motion Scope tracker" is the base software for measuring displacements and deformations  from videos and image sequences. It provides various input file type support, playback, displacement measurements, data processing display and graphing options in respect to time (motion magnification, 2D strain, color coded displacements, BOSchlieren, spatial and temporal graphs).The base "tracker" is a standalone / software-only option. It does not support video acquisition (see Live view+ for that).

The example shows the heat elongation of a 3D printer hot-bed (17°C-50°C). For other examples of motion magnification check GALLERY / Motion magnification examples.

For more about the software capabilities check TECHNOLOGY / Displacement measurements.

Live view+ (module)

"live view+" incorporates and extends the real-time acquisition of the base "viewer" software into the "tracker" software, enabling video acquisition as well as adding real-time point tracking when using the supported USB3.1 image sensors.

VMA - Visual Modal Analysis (module)

"VMA" module (Visual Modal Analysis) extends the "tracker" to the frequency domain, enabling spectral analysis and visualization of operational deflection shapes (ODS) in the forms of; motion magnification, 2D strain, color coded displacements and spatial graphs as well as spectral graphs.

For more check TECHNOLOGY / Visual Modal Analysis

Shaker & smart aliasing (module)

"shaker" module uses the integrated PC sound card to create tailored excitation signals for control of modal shakers (such as our simple shaker. See DISPLACEMENTS / Simple shaker). When used with supported USB3.1 sensors, the module enables the use of our proprietary "smart aliasing" technique, extending measurements far beyond the Nyquist limit (See TECHNOLOGY / Smart aliasing).

Measurements in the kHz region are possible even using <500 fps cameras!

Sound (module)

"sound" module can record and load sound data to augment the video analysis. Time, frequency and spectrogram sound plots are available. The sound frequency information can be used to indicate high frequency aliased responses.

The module is very useful in operational analysis!

Check out DISPLACEMENTS / Full systems for sets including hardware!

A non-commercial license is available for research and education. For more on that check DISPLACEMENTS / Research & Education.

Are speckle patterns required for the software to work? NO! ...for more on that check DISPLACEMENTS / Speckle patterning

For more information about the software and modules capabilities, inquiries and else contact us at

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