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Flicker free lights

High intensity flickerless lights

After trying to source truly flicker-free high-intensity lights for 8 years, we decided to make our own!

Many LED studio lights will claim to be flicker free, however we find that they often flicker as much as 10%. This is about 100x more than our FH-LED-80. We offer our FH-LED-80 lights primarily for applications where the mains frequency and it's  multiples are the frequencies of interest. For less criticall situations we can provide you with alternate consumer lights as well.

FH-LED80 - truly flicker free for metrology:

  • Uses a hybrid Switching + linear power regulation to achieve truly flicker free illumination (<0.1%).

  • mains powered

  • 10000 lumen

  • 80 W

  • knob adjustable intensity

Inquire about our flicker-free lghts, or studio light alternatives by contacting us!

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