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Speckle patterning

Are speckle patterns needed?

Speckle patterns are not required for tracking to work!

Speckle patterns do, however, improve the spatial and displacement resolution.

Plain areas with no features do not provide information on motion. Most structures have features on their own, these can be corners, divisions, surface patterns etc. as evident from the following image of a speckled and plain motorcycle.

Speckled motorcycle (top) provides more tracking points and therefore higher spatial resolution.

Non-speckled structures, such as the motorcycle on the bottom, can also be measured, thanks to intrinsic features.

Animations on the right are motion magnified results for either case.

We have developed and offer a variety of temporary speckling solutions for varying object sizes from centimeters to tens of meters!

These include:

  • temporary spray paints, that can be rubbed off or washed off surfaces with water

  • custom speckle rollers 

  • custom stickers, even for large multi meter structures

  • temporary marker pens

and more.

Click on the gallery to see more!

Want to learn more about the benefits of speckling or whether speckling is even required?

Inquire about spackle solutions or ask for a speckle set quote. Contacting us at!

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