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From academia to industry

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Motion scope is based on years of research in the field of Structural Dynamics and Computer Vision and was developed to offer new possibilities in measuring full-field displacements.

Our tracking systems achieve the limits of displacement resolutions, which are caused by the quantum nature of light itself, and our unique techniques extend the range of use of cameras.

Our technology enables displacement measurements well bellow a single pixel! Resolutions of about 0.01 pixel between frames are normal and can be extended into the range of thousandths (0.001 pixel), depending on the camera, pattern and analysis settings. Such resolution enables motion magnification higher than 100x, with 1000x being achievable as well.

By band-filtering or by performing spectral measurements amplitudes in the range of ten thousandths of a pixel or magnification factors beyond 1000+x are not uncommon!

The graph above shows an experimental measurement with a High-Speed camera in orange (denoted HS), where a shaker was used to excite the dynamic response of a structure up to 1000 Hz. Above 1000 Hz no response was present, therefore the noise level can be observed.

Following is an example of a spatial response of the measured structure at 945.5 Hz where the maximal displacement amplitude is 0.001 pixel.


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