Microfluidics microscopy

Our eyes are limited when it comes to fast events, even small motion is considered fast under higher magnifications. High speed microscopes allow for observation of fast phenomena and stop-motion at short exposure settings.

Recording speeds of 220 fps or up to 1000 fps at a reduced resolution are achievable via modern high-speed USB. Higher speeds (HD at 1000+ fps) can be achieved with different cameras, contact us for more info on that.

Examples of use: microfluidics, cellular motion and events, motion tracking, quality control, etc.

The hardware is chosen to be the best fit for ease of use, price and performance.

motion-scope microscope small.gif

High speed microscopes

Phase contrast

Variable bottom illumination options for high phase contrast or better penetration.

large focus range.png

Large working range

The macro and micro focus stages allow for a large range of travel (9+ cm), accommodating various microfluidic chips and other samples.

The optics are prioritized to have a large working distance (distance between the bottom of the lens to the focus plane). This distance depends on the choice of optical assembly, however typically spans a couple of cm (4+ cm).

highspeed microscope use.jpg


The camera sensor connects to a PC over USB 3.1 and is interfaced with our 'viewer' software variant.


The microscope design is flexible and can be customized for desired magnifications, illumination (bottom + coaxial top), cameras, etc. The custom solutions aim at providing the desired function at an affordable cost, achieved with modularity and sourced suppliers.

Contact us for more information (contact page).

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